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The aim of the GreenMachine product range is, to achieve an operation of  machines which is most possibly protecting the environment and at the same time offering highest technical safety and best economic efficiency. Rapid biodegradability, reduction of the CO2 emission as well as protection of resources due to long-life application are important elements of our sustainable concept.

The GreenMachine Label consits of the application of at least two environment friendly lubricants, causing a reduction of the total CO2 emission.  The carbon footprint indicates the global warming potential of a product during a determined period of application. As part of this concept we consider PANOLIN lubricants disposing of at least one of the GreenMachine Characteristics

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GreenMarine is the sustainable concept for offshore and marine application based on the GreenMachine concept. Furthermore here all regulative aspects of the GreenMachine concept apply.

The topic COreduction is a great challenge for the whole economy. We have recognized these challenges and offer solutions in our working areas!

Companies implementing the PANOLIN GreenMachine or GreenMarine concept show that they are contributing to the protection of the environment. At the same time they reduce their operating costs and thus achieve a distinctive advantage in competition.

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