A multitude of PANOLIN high tech oils offered by the company KLEENOIL PANOLIN AG are biodegradable. A lot of products have been awarded with various eco-labels, as for example the "European Ecolable" or "THE BLUE ANGEL".

The technical performance as for example the ageing and temperature stability as well as the wear protection are higher compared to a lot of mineral oil based fluids and most of the ecological  products which refer to biodegradability only in its philosophy.  The complete environmental friendliness  of our products is a result of the sum of their more favourable ecologic characteristics as well as their suitability for long-term use, this means protecting resources by extended oil change intervals.

A lot of PANOLIN high tech oils have a pronounced suitability for long-term use so that, if our guidelines for employment are observed, they no longer have to be changed in prescribed intervals. Thanks to this excellent material characteristics by an improved filtration and oil analyses the oil change intervals can widely be extended and in a multitude of cases the oils even no longer have to be changed.
In any case it is important to observe the individual application recommendation for every single product as well as the related approvals and recommendations formulated by the machine fabricants.


of environment-friendly lubricants

  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • Ageing and temperature stability
  • Wear protection
  • Suitable for long-term use


panolin products

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Oil Analysis

oil analysis

Mobile oil analyses no longer are a problem with the KLEENOIL oil analysis equipment...

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