Information about oil contamination

It is wrong to believe that hydraulic oil is clean, as well as it is wrong to assume that with a simple oil change the contamination can be eliminated from the system.
A large part of the contamination can be found in the system. With the oil, the contaminants - usually consisting of water or various particles - flow through the entire system. In the hydraulic pump these particles are pulverized and thus it becomes difficult to filter them out with the system filter. This results in an increased wear on all surfaces that are only protected by an oil film.

cost developement

The operating costs of a machine stand in direct relation to the contamination of the used lubricants and pressure fluids. Even assuming that the value of a machine is increased by the additionally installed KLEENOIL Microfiltration, the operating costs will decrease to a level which is below the average level to be expected. By eliminating the contaminants with abrasive and catalytic effect, system failures, wear and downtimes are minimized and as a result the operating costs are reduced.

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